Tuesday, August 13, 2013

More on Voices of War Project


Recently we stumbled upon a great story in USA TODAY (see sidebar) about an effort that has begun called Voices of War. It is a project to capture the voices of our Vietnam Veterans and their stories, their memories, their remembrances. The project will last for 4 years and cover all 50 states and territories.

We got the chills when we saw their website Voices of War. Each time we have gone to it and watched some video clips we've cried. It's easy to cry over all of this. Given our personal position on that war crying seems to be the one thing we can do in honor of these guys and women. But our tears have never seemed to wash away the mind-numbing grief.

Some of these vets are, rightfully, still quite angry. We have a friend who is sick of being called a "hero". He tells us that the real heroes were the Vietnamese. We suspect there are many like him. They knew they were merely fodder. Many- not all- have joined organizations like Veterans for Peace.  They regularly protest actions of the US government regarding war, veterans, soldiers, service, the Veteran's Administration, etc., etc. They are ANTI-WAR and PRO-VETERAN.

The Voices of War project needs our help. Opportunities for all levels of funding are available. Please go to the website and check it out. Thank you to the producers and project coordinators for facilitating this wonderful project. In my own humble way- we am full square behind it and will do all we can to promote it.

*We had forgotten about this project since there has been very little "out there". We attempted to contact the Producer and never heard back. This was directly after the article in USAToday...that was in August. Still no response to our email.

As a 501(c)3 tax exempt entity they should strive to communicate with any and everyone who reaches out. But they do not. Government support behind this project? The "gussying" up of the War? Lipstick on a Pig? Hm.
(9 January 2014) -Ed.

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