Monday, August 05, 2013

Anti-Obamacare Protesters Comparing Themselves to Vietnam War Protesters


In a ridiculous and bizarre effort to mirror the burning of draft cards during the Vietnam war,  members of  FREEDOM WORKS  youth activist group founded by right-winger DAVID KOCH are being encouraged to burn their Obamacare cards. The Washington Post recently reported on this.

I had read the story when it first appeared and, naturally, thought it pitiable and insulting. How to respond? It didn't take long before a Vietnam veteran and retired Air Force aviator did it for me. Via ALTERNET (http://alternet.orgsending out a copy of HAL DONAHUE'S response to this disingenuous charade, in the Huffington Post.

Please avail yourselves of  DONHAUE'S  response, it is far, far better than anything I could have come up with- that's for sure. Thanks and WELCOME HOME, HAL!

GOP Anti-Obamacare Agitators Now Compare Themselves To Vietnam War Protesters | Alternet

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