Sunday, July 14, 2013

All This Time Later

It is quite some time since I have posted to this blog. I attribute many factors to this lapse but I am in it to win now and will begin by explaining some things that may interest you.

Since I began this blog back in 2010 something like twelve (12) of the posts with links that involved Agent Orange, Marines being "secretly" compensated by DoD for exposure to poisoned water, the resurrection of the Huey helo, the reinstatement of a "disgraced" VN era General and what-not have "disappeared". As I went down the line checking into each post and link- I discovered the "Ooops! the URL no longer exists" on so many of them I was, at first, bemused but now I am pissed!

Cover up. As time has rolled on and Americans have bankrolled a couple more wars, our war seems to have become a faded, distant, unrecognizable back drop. What we now hear about is VN vets returning to 'Nam to put demons to rest, revisit villages where they once were, etc.

Not sure about all this. But I am going to attempt to uncover some of the info I had posted on here that disappeared and either repost or explain.

Having just celebrated our nation's July 4th festivities, flying the stars and stripes and enjoying summer holidays- I am motivated to begin again on this blog.

I do it in honor of those who died and those who suffer still. And I mean it.

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